Disabled Parking Placards

Florida Disabled Parking Placards

A Florida Disabled Parking Placard may be issued to any individual with specific disabilities that limit or impair their ability to walk or who is certified as legally blind. Certification must be made by a physician or other certifying practitioner. The placard is valid for 4 years and expires on the applicant’s birthday. Customers with temporary disabilities may apply for a Temporary Placard for up to 6 months.

An additional placard may be issued to organizations or persons who certify they are frequent travelers or quadriplegic.


There is no charge for a four-year Disabled Parking Permit; the cost for a Temporary Disabled Parking Permit is $15. If a second Temporary Disabled Parking Permit is issued within a 12-month period, the second temporary permit is issued for no fee regardless of the time period the physician had indicated it to be issued for, not to exceed 6 months.


Placards must be hung on the rear-view mirror of any vehicle used to transport the disabled person(s). The permit number must be visible from the front of the vehicle.

Temporary Disabled Parking Placards for Florida Visitors

We’re excited you’ve decided to visit Orange County and the great state of Florida! We’re here to help make your trip accessible and safe to ensure your fun.

Florida recognizes all license plates and parking permits displaying the international symbol of accessibility that has been issued by any state or foreign country. However, if your permit or plate does not display one of the international symbols of accessibility, visitors must obtain a state of Florida temporary disabled person parking placard.

Individuals applying for a temporary disabled person parking placard can do so in-person at any one of our offices or more conveniently by email prior to planned travel.

Domestic Visitors

Domestic visitors will need to complete the form HSMV 83039, which will need to be signed by the customer and the certifying authority (see below). Incomplete forms cannot be accepted. Certifying medical authorities include:

  • A physician licensed under Chapter 458, Chapter 459 or Chapter 460;
  • A podiatric physician licensed under Chapter 461;
  • An optometrist licensed under Chapter 463;
  • An advanced registered nurse practitioner licensed under Chapter 464, under the protocol of a licensed physician as stated above;
  • A physician assistant licensed under Chapter 458 or Chapter 459; or
  • A similarly licensed physician from another state if the application is accompanied by documentation of the physician’s licensure in the other state and a form HSMV 83039 signed by the out-of-state physician verifying his or her knowledge of this state’s eligibility guidelines.

Out-of-Country Visitors

Out-of-country visitors must provide a copy of their current parking permit issued by their country of residence (i., Blue Badge), the personal information section of a form HSMV 83039 and a copy of their passport. Please note: international visitors to Florida must have a current valid parking permit issued by their home country in order to obtain a parking placard in the state of Florida.

Online Application Process for a Visitor Disabled Parking Placard

  1. Use the button below to email us or visit our Contact Us page and enter your first and last name, email, choose the subject “Parking Placards”, provide a brief description of where you are traveling from and press submit.
  2. A customer service specialist will reply as soon as possible to your submission with a checklist of required documents and any case-specific details.
  3. Reply with your completed HSMV 83039 form, copy of driver’s license/state ID or passport, and if you’re an international visitor, both sides of home country placard (i.e. Blue Badge in the UK) as attachments.
  4. After document verification, the same customer service specialist will reach back out for payment processing.
  5. After payment confirmation, the temporary placard will be placed into outgoing mail for delivery to your permanent address abroad.

Temporary parking placard fees are set by the Florida legislature and require a fee of $15 plus a $2 processing fee. Please allow up to 2 weeks for international delivery.

If you have any questions concerning disabled parking placards, proper documentation or delivery please call our offices at +1 (407) 434-0312.