Orange County Tax Collector

Order an Electronic Title

If you have an electronic title, you may request it be printed to pick up at one of our locations.

Before submitting a request, please verify that your title is electronic. If your title has been converted to paper, you cannot print your title using this service.

Please note:

  • The owner will need to provide valid identification in order to have the title printed. If a Power of Attorney is requesting the title be printed on behalf of the owner, please bring the original Power of Attorney form to our office.
  • If the title owner is a business, a letter on company letterhead signed by a company official signifying who is authorized to pick up title must be provided. The letter must be less than one year old.
  • Once an electronic title has been printed it cannot be converted back to an E-title. If you do not retrieve the title, you may request that it be mailed. However, if the title is mailed and lost in the mail, there is no provision to replace the title for no fee. The cost to acquire a duplicate title that has been lost in the mail is $85.75.